As of 2020, the estimated total of student loan debt in the United States is $1.5 trillion. 1 in 4 Americans has student debt with the average amount at around $37,000. Right now, the average monthly payment for student loans is at $390 per month.

What do those numbers mean? It means college education is expensive and for the most part, beyond the means of many Americans. It’s not worth getting a college education if you will end up paying back loans that you took for the rest of your life.

Does this mean you should stop dreaming about getting a college degree? Of course not! There are other ways that you can afford going to college. Some work first and save money before they go back to school. This might not be ideal for some since the cost of college tuition these days is quite expensive and it will take a long time to save that much.

Others opt to join the military where they can get military scholarships that allow them to finish their college degree without incurring student debt. This option is also not for everyone since it involves joining the military.

The Best Option

Then there is the option of getting a regular type of scholarship. The most crucial thing about scholarships is that there is no necessity to pay them back. You can achieve the education that you want and once your graduate, that’s it. You’re not going to be burdened with extensive debt.

The Best Scholarship Websites

So, where do you get information regarding scholarships?

The best place right now is the internet. There are plenty of good scholarship websites that offer useful information regarding sites that you can use. Some of the sites are very comprehensive and will offer detailed information on how you can qualify for scholarships.

To help you get started on your quest to get a scholarship, we have compiled an extensive list of the best scholarship websites that are available on the internet today. Just keep in mind that these sites are not listed in any order.

You can go through the different websites here and find out which ones will best serve your needs. They have different features and they cater to different audiences.

With the best domain name in the niche, makes it easy for would-be students to find the right school that can give them the scholarship they need. All that a scholar aspirant has to do is create a profile on the site where you will be asked to provide information. You can then start searching for the right scholarship that will match you.

You can even let the site itself do the matching for you, based on the information you provide. The site has that feature which will match you with the most ideal scholarship for you. 

If you decide to search on your own, then you will see that it has information on all kinds of scholarship, which increases the chances that you will find something for you. It also offers some useful resources that can be used by students for writing effective essays that can get you accepted in the college of your choice. This is one of the top sites to visit.


Niche is a bit different from the other websites that are found on this list. This website offers information about education in general and not just about college scholarships. On top of that, it also offers information about places where you can live or where you can work.

It has a scholarship section which you can see scholarships that are listed on the site. You can choose to apply for a specific scholarship that catches your interest. When you click on the button that says apply. Just remember that some of the scholarships that are listed there are sponsored, which means they are paying to appear on the site.

You can create a search for scholarships and filter the information based on your location and other information. It’s a very easy to use website for finding info regarding scholarships. Nevermind the fact that it has extra information that is not directly related to scholarships.


Number of scholarships: 1.5 million 

Fastweb claims to be one of the top scholarship websites on the internet today. The site is very comprehensive, which allows students to search for the most ideal scholarship for them with ease. 

Fastweb is designed for ease of use. A student will sign up and create a profile and once that is done, the student will get matches right away from the over one million scholarship opportunities that are within its database. 

The best thing about Fastweb is that it organizes the list based on what you have searched there. You can organize the scholarships based on the ones that you are interested in, the ones that you are not interested in, and the ones you have already applied for. 

The site also offers some information regarding students, which of course is different from scholarships. You can also find details regarding jobs that you can get as a student and even internships. It’s a one-stop-shop for students.


Collegenet is a company that was founded to automate classroom scheduling and it grew to become successful for doing that. But the company has since expanded into providing additional services to like software for schools. It counts some of the most prestigious schools in the United States as its clients.

On top of all the services that it provides, CollegeNet’s site is also one of the best college scholarship websites available on the internet today. They use a search engine designed for scholarships which makes searches within their site highly customizable. You can search for a particular scholarship that will suit your needs within their platform.

Also, the company itself contributes significantly when it comes to scholarships. It has given over $2 million of its own money for the cause.


Over $10 billion in scholarships

There is something very straightforward with the way that Petersons has set up its site and its services. They are supposed to find the right education option for students, help in the preparation, and then get funding for it. The site offers extensive information about colleges and universities in the country, allowing you to do your research quickly.

More importantly, you can use the site to gather information about possible college scholarships that you can take advantage of. It isn’t surprising that Petersons has received the distinction of being one of the most reliable scholarship websites that students can use today.


If you are not confident that you can land a scholarship based on the traditional qualities that are sought by schools then Unigo is the site for you to check. This site is based on the idea that the special qualities of individuals should qualify them too for scholarships and not academic or athletic performance.

If you have certain qualities that are often neglected like being humorous, you can use that to your advantage with the help of Ugo. You can write essays with their help so that your unique qualities are noticed by the school of your choice.

The only downside to the site is that some of the scholarships there require that you should be no more than 13- years-old. It gives the best opportunities for those students who want to get started early.


As you can guess from its name, the site is a one-stop-shop when it comes to developing a career. It has resources and ideas for almost any kind of scenario and situation. Whether you are a laid-off worker or a military veteran, the site has ideas and tips that you can use to improve your career outlook. 

Of course, our main concern with Careeronestop is what it has to offer to those who are looking for options when it comes to college scholarships. The site is not going to disappoint since it has plenty of information that you can use to push your college education forward. was the product of a research project that was conducted in Princeton. It metamorphosed into Chegg and now it continues to provide much-needed information regarding scholarships to users all over the world.

Keep in mind that is not just a scholarship finding website but a resource for students as well. It has resources for writing, finding, tutors, and other things that students might need.

Scholarshipmonkey offers three ways that students or would-be students can search for scholarships within its platform. The first option is to create a profile. Once the profile is complete, the user can then conduct a personalized search based on the info on the profile.

The second method is to use a keyword when conducting a search. The third option is to just refer to the lists that they have compiled based on categories. For example, you can search for scholarships for women.

Number of scholarships: 3.2 million 

Don’t let the rather unconventional name deceive you. is one of the top scholarship websites 2020. With the more than 3 million scholarships within its system, there are bound to be a few, if not more, options that are open to you.

The site can help students of all levels in finding the best scholarship opportunities for them. It has both need-based and merit-based options.


$11 billion worth in scholarships

More than 12 million students use Cappex as their main source of information for college. That’s a large number which is one indication that you can trust it. Their search tools allow you to search for the right scholarships that will meet your needs.

The site uses modern algorithms to match you with the right scholarship options for you. 

The College Board

The College Board

With a name like The College Board, you know that the people running this platform mean business. It provides information about scholarships in over 6,000 schools. They run the SAT which is the standard testing that you took in high school. So, you know that they have the right ideas.

You can also practice taking tests on their platform to improve your performance. The platform is a great place to visit for any college student.

Number of scholarships: 1.5 million 

The platform provides information regarding scholarships that would amount to $3.4 billion. That’s a lot of scholarships and it would be worth your time to utilize the site. It utilizes the search tool from Fastweb, which means you can find the right scholarship for you in no time at all. 

One of the unique things about this platform is that it provides information for unusual scholarships. Like it gives details on scholarships that are open for tall people for example. You never know, there might be a quirky scholarship that’s just right for you.

Broke Scholar

Broke Scholar

Number of scholarships: 1 million

Broke Scholar specializes in handling grants and providing info regarding 3rd party scholarships. The platform allows you to search for fellowships and scholarships. Their platform also allows users to narrow down the search by various factors like gender and age.

The platform makes the process of applying for a scholarship fast and easy. On top of the platform for searching for scholarship opportunities, broke Scholar also publishes blogs that users will find interesting. They offer tips and ideas that users can use later on.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae

Number of scholarships: 5 million

Students can use Sallie Mae’s platform to search for scholarship opportunities and can be rewarded with access to billions of dollars worth of scholarships. Users can narrow down the search based on their own needs and qualifications. Perhaps the main thing that makes Sallie Mae unique in this list is the way that the platform is organized. It’s so easy to use that students love it.

These are 15 of the best scholarship websites that you can find right now. These sites offer the best information and the most resources that are looking for information about college scholarships. 

As you can see, there are so many scholarships that are available out there. If you really want to go to college and not fall deep into debt, there are options available. You just need to conduct some research. It is up to you because the resources and the platforms that can help you are all available out there.